Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More about the shelves. . .

They cover most of the wall space ( three doors and two windows notwithstanding), and all I can say is, FINALLY! After years of storing books in shelved closets (what was I thinking, that books are sugly wetsisters to be hidden?), all my old friends are now easily at hand. I want to start rereading them immediately. This is the upside to an office renovation. The downside is the unceasing weeding through files and files and boxes and boxes of . . .stuff. Why did I think I needed twenty highlighters? And a gross of post-its? If I survive the cleanup, I'm going to lock the door and camp out in here. I love, no, adore, the feeling of being swathed in WORDS. Can't wait to get back to work.

The bedroom closets are going to have to wait.

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