Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Remembering last winter....

I swore last winter than I'd welcome summer and its heat and humidity with open arms. I lied.

Just looking at pictures from one of our unusual snowstorms cools me off. I'd like to turn the AC down to "freeze meat" and huddle in a sweater, but there's no way the system could do it, not with temperatures running well over 100 degrees F for days on end. It's just not fair. The day it hit 105 (last Saturday), I was ready to move anywhere but here.

Not kidding.


CJ Parker said...

Don't move here. It's just a hot in New Orleans. I'm dying. LOL

Tracy D said...

ROFLOL CJ. I was thinking Maine, maybe? I hear it's in the 60s in San Diego.
Who's in? Road trip!!

CJ Parker said...

I've been to Maine in the winter. Brrrr LOL

If I could move anywhere it would be upstate New York or Montana. Beautiful country any time of year.